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CHARTER OF THE ARTISTS' DEVELOPERS in the Current Music Sector in the New Aquitaine Region

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Our profession

We, the artists’ developers, are artisans in the field of contemporary music. We work closely with artists to develop their careers by offering a “360° vision” and long-term perspective on their artistic projects. We therefore take the economic risk associated with this career development: our goal is to participate in the musical wealth but also to perpetuate the professional status of artists, and to adopt a strategy of anticipation of their projects. Our strength lies in the ability to co-construct a global project with the artists. To this end, we are developing a creative and solidarity-based economy whose objective is to promote artistic employment.
In direct contact with all the actors of contemporary music, the artist-developer duo is an essential link in the entire creative process. By defending an ethic, linked to the economic and social dynamism of the territories and cultural diversity, we work towards the professionalization and structuring of the sector.

Our Constituent Characteristics

– 360° vision : artists’ developers manage and coordinate the overall development of artists’ careers by mobilizing their skills, resources, experience and networks.
– Long-term vision : artists’ developers claim, in complementarity with artistic support, a long-term professional development process corresponding to the notion of a career.

– Risk taking : artists’ developers engage with emerging artists on the basis of artistic and human criteria that take precedence over a guarantee of economic profitability. This commitment to cultural diversity often undermines the sustainability of the permanent jobs needed within the structures.
– Professional development logic : artists’ developers are demanding a desire to structure and professionalize the entire sector. In fact, they make it possible to generate or perpetuate employment.
– Central position : Through their development function with a 360° vision, the pair of artists and developers is in contact with all the other actors in the cultural sector.
– Artisan : in an entrepreneurial logic (which is similar to the idea of risk-taking), the notion of artisan refers to a requirement in terms of the quality of the services offered and differs from the industry by ensuring a development capable of adapting to each artist and each artistic project.

Our Activities

– Creation : Research and follow-up of the assembly of residences, Research and follow-up of the assembly and stage wiring, Research and follow-up of the assembly of cultural actions.
– Broadcast / live : Booking, Show production, Touring management, Technical management, General management.
– Recorded music : Distribution, Label search, Phonographic production, Phonographic publishing, Web disc sales.
– Administration : Requests for assistance or subsidies, Follow-up of the assembly, Payroll management, accounting, legal monitoring, Drafting of transfer contracts or invoices.

– Management : Career choice consulting, Human resources between artists and partners, Search for groups, Presence on rehearsals / tour / recording.
– Communication : Press officer, Production of communication documents, Distribution of communication media, Graphic design, Purchase of advertising inserts, Video clip, Showcase, Merchandising.

Our Partners

– Current Music : Show organisers, Media, other Artist Developers, Studios (rehearsal and recording), Labels, Turners, Distributors, Production Offices, Press Officers, Publishers, Record Pressing Service Providers, Professional Federations and Networks, Cultural Agencies, Professional Training Centres, Civil Societies…
– Culture : Record shops, bookstores, libraries, independent cinemas, socio-cultural and educational establishments….
– Institutional : State, Public authorities, trade unions…
– Other partners : Hotel and restaurant service providers, equipment and vehicle rental, administrative supplies service providers, printers, postal services, premises rental service providers, etc.

Our Claims

– all local authorities, civil societies and other actors with a mission to support and organise the music and cultural sector must take into account our position in the cultural development chain, recognising us as one of the essential and complementary links to those already recognised,
– As craftsmen, structures of very small or small companies, we participate fully in the economic life, job creation and regional and national influence of our territories.

The structures that adhere to this charter

Ariane Productions, Cristal Production, Expressions Culturelles, Feuilles de Routes, Gommette Production, Hart Brut, Kanopé Prod, Karakoil Production, KiéKi Musiques, Koxinel Prod, La Mouette à 3 Queues, La Ronde des Jurons, L’équipe A, Limouz’art, Lost In Traditions, Maximum Tour, Mélodinote, Mélodyn Productions, Talents d’Ailleurs, Velvet Coliseum.