BADABOUM is a 2013 creation in JM France/Cie Gondwana Co-Production 50-minute show. All audiences from 4 years old.

It’s time for the concert, four characters meet on stage. They are both musicians and acrobats.

Upside down or upside down, on a wire or on a bike, they fight and challenge each other…. Some people play everything and have fun with nothing. Others try to stay in the nails and manage situations in all circumstances. They invite us to a journey through time where balance, laughter and acrobatic lifestyles are linked around burlesque or poetic situations.

Music is at the heart of this collective adventure. Everything is a pretext to make the accordion, the guitar, the saxophone and the magical instruments of West Africa sing; sometimes even, it is enough only for your body and your hands…

A rhythmic and sparkling show, performed with love and humour for the pleasure of young and old alike. BADABOUM is a mysterious, musical and circus-like encounter that invites you to travel and discover.
A childish slap !

  • An acrobatics all in laughter and poetry, an aesthetic set to music to the sound of the accordion; the guitar, saxophone and percussion from Peru or West Africa: here lies the uniqueness of the young Gondwana company and its four performers, circus artists and musicians.TELERAMA SORTIR
  • From one painting to another, fine humour is always present, but also poetry (magnificent moment of the mechanical doll or her walk on the wire), virtuosity (memorable scene in which the four musicians are intertwined with their instruments, playing an instrument for two, or the incredible acrobatics on a bicycle). Everything is musical, with a magnificent work of body percussion in polyrhythm, and superb music played on kora and other saxophones. The audience, children and adults alike, were suspended in action and did not lose a thing.ADEM
  • High quality program, touching perfection. Original staging. Everything is there: live music, discovery of unknown instruments, circus arts, excellent acrobatic and artistic qualities, poetry,... A show that was unanimously appreciated by the audience.JM France Bouscat (33)
  • This show excited the audience at each of the two scheduled sessions: lots of laughter, warmth, kindness and children marvelled at the "un-tuned acrobatics". One of them told me at the exit: "I thought I was in a dream.JM France Remiremont (88)
  • BaDaBoum marks a milestone for the Gondwana Company. The children, from the first grade to the fifth grade, gave them an enthusiastic welcome, charmed by the musical atmosphere, amazed by the wire or cycle numbers, amused by the jokes of the four accomplices. The adults present were equally amazed.Théâtre de Montélimar (26)
  • Perrine Ball | hard wire, accordion, acrobatics, balances, clown, body percussion
  • Nicolas Paradis | kora, guitar, flute, kazzo, body percussion
  • Louisa Marcandella | acrobatic bicycle, unicycle, n'goni, saxophone, accordion, lifts, acrobatics, balances, body percussion
  • Yani Aït Aoudia | n’goni, guitar, cajon, lifts, acrobatic bicycle, body percussion

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