NOBODY’S CULT, a Indie-Rock quartet formed in 2015 and led by the bewitching Lena Woods. Rich in many influences, from the rock of the 60s to today, the band, as its name suggests, undermines the clichés of the genre. Lena’ electric harp is the best example of this, as the instrument, passed through a series of effects pedals, gives a unique sound to the whole.

Their first EP “ECHOES FROM THE TEMPLE” was released at the end of 2017, but it is on stage, where they deliver increasingly intense and explosive performances, that their music takes on its full dimension. We have already seen them at New Morning, EMB-Sannois or La Maroquinerie in the first part of Third Eye Blind.

  • NOBODY'S CULT shows his penchant for long noisy improvisations where distorted guitars and harps fly away and merge into an atonal deluge, often reserved for song purposes. We love it.FORCES PARALLELES
  • Lena Woods | voice, electric harp
  • Vincent Fabert | electric guitar
  • Matteo Casati | bass, choirs
  • Grégory Jacques | drums, choirs


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